Red Bull TV

A Video Content Catalogue

Not only do Red Bull manufacture the iconic energy drink famous throughout the world, they also boast a huge catalogue of video content under the Red Bull TV brand. Their content includes unique productions covering extreme sports, modern dancing and record breaking achievements. They also regularly broadcast live events from around the world, from music festivals to sporting occasions.

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This catalogue of video content is consumed by a multitude of devices, including mobile phones, tablets, set top boxes and smart TVs. Red Bull approached us to build an API to drive the delivery of this content on all these platforms.

The Problem

When we began working with Red Bull, they already had a number of APIs in place to deliver their video content to client devices. However, working with multiple disparate APIs made the various Red Bull TV client applications overly complicated and difficult to maintain. A simpler solution was needed.

The Solution

thoughtbot designed and built a single, unified API to deliver all content in a consistent, easy to use and robust manner. The new API was successfully rolled out across all devices and for three years powered the Red Bull applications on iPhones, Android phones, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV and many other devices.

The Art of Flight

We weren’t just involved in API development, we also built the Red Bull TV website and the Apple TV application.

In 2015 version 2.0 of the Red Bull TV API was designed and built by Red Bull’s internal development teams. thoughtbot worked closely with these teams to migrate clients to the new API. A “mock” version 2.0 API was developed by thoughtbot in a few short weeks. This API exposed all the new API’s endpoints, serving a subset of the full APIs data, enough for client developers to work with. By rapidly delivering this API, we enabled client developers to update their applications to use the new API months before the production API became available. This ensured a smooth transition to the new API across all platforms.



thoughtbot have enjoyed a fruitful relationship with Red Bull over the years. We started with an initial team of two developers but have scaled to as many as five as their needs changed. While the unified API was our original remit, so happy were Red Bull with our work that they entrusted us with other crucial components of their TV platform like the website and Apple TV application. Apple TV quickly became Red Bull’s most successful Red Bull TV application and thoughtbot continue to develop and support this client.


Working with Red Bull continues to present new and exciting challenges, and we love delivering software that is consumed by millions of users around the world.

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